Leading technology and upgrading performance, Midea Industrial Technology with harmonic reducers unveiled at the 2024 Hanover Industrial Expo



Apr 26, 2024

On April 22, 2024, the Hanover Industrial Expo in Germany, known as the “world’s leading industrial technology exhibition,” was grandly opened. Midea Industrial Technology’s high-tech brand, along with multiple harmonic reducers used in industrial robots, humanoid robots, semiconductor manufacturing, precision machining machine tools and other scenarios, made its debut at Hall 6-A47 in Hall 6. With industry-leading product technology, industry-leading M-tooth design, and significantly improved bearing capacity and product life, Midea showcased its profound technological reserves and innovative achievements in the field of industrial transmission to global manufacturing partners, injecting strength into the intelligent upgrading of the global manufacturing industry.

Midea Industrial Technology’s Series of Harmonic Reducers Products Appear at the 2024 Hanover Industrial Expo

With the deepening of global intelligent manufacturing, the demand for industrial robots and their required robot reducers in various industries is also increasing. Taking industrial robots as an example, the cost of precision reducers accounts for about 30%. As one of the core components of industrial robots, it has a high cost proportion and is difficult to develop. At the same time, China has made breakthroughs in key core technologies of robots an important strategy for technological development, and the development of precision reducer technology in China is constantly accelerating.

Midea Industrial Technology has been focusing on the research and manufacturing of precision reducers since 2019, with research directions covering key areas such as gears, bearings, materials, simulation, friction and wear, and lubrication. We are committed to providing precision reducer products with high reliability, strong consistency, and short delivery times. Relying on a 15000 square meter intelligent manufacturing factory, a core R&D team with a master’s and doctoral proportion of over 50%, industry-leading product processes, and the IATF-16949 quality management system covering performance and reliability testing of precision reducers, Midea’s industrial technology SW-HG, SW-CG, and SW-HD series harmonic reducers attract audiences with more precise, durable, and reliable advantages.

In terms of product performance, Midea’s industrial technology high-performance harmonic reducer uses industry high standard materials, which combine high precision and high rigidity. It has been certified by industry high standard reliability laboratories, and its indicators of empty travel, hysteresis loss, transmission error, and torsional rigidity are comparable to industry benchmarks. For example, the initial accuracy of the product is ≤ 1 minute, and the accuracy degradation after 10000 hours is less than 1 minute, which is on par with the highest level in the industry.
In terms of product lifespan, this series of products adopts high-precision simulation technology to optimize structural design, flexible wheel variable wall thickness design to adapt to large elastic deformation, reduce flexible shaft bearing force, and significantly improve the lifespan of the reducer. Tests show that the product lifespan exceeds 10000 hours, which is at the leading level in the industry. And achieve continuous operation without oil leakage, clean and efficient.
In terms of technological innovation, the original M tooth profile has a continuous multi arc meshing surface, which improves the meshing rate of the tooth profile, significantly improves the bearing capacity and lifespan, and achieves more durable, reliable, stable, and clean applications. The overall performance has obtained CRRI certification and international leading appraisal.

Midea Industrial Technology High Performance Harmonic Reducer Products

Not only that, Midea’s industrial technology high-performance harmonic reducer has achieved forward design with independent intellectual property rights, and has laid out more than 100 patents. The overall performance has reached the international leading level, achieving a breakthrough in Midea’s precision transmission from 0 to 1, providing strong support for the import substitution of key components for industrial robots in China, the rise of independent brands, and the independent and controllable industrial chain. Adhering to the vision of “technology drives everything”, Midea Industrial Technology will rely on its advantages in multi-level and global research and development scale, continuously increase research and investment in reducer development, accelerate the automation and green transformation of the global manufacturing industry with leading automation products and solutions, and jointly create an efficient, green, and smart industrial future.

About Midea’s Industrial Technology

Midea Group’s industrial technology business group is driven by technology as its core driving force, aggregating core technological forces in the fields of “green energy” and “industrial core components”. It has multiple brands including GMCC Meizhi, Welling, CLOU Kelu Electronics, Hiconics Hekang, Servotronix High Tech, MR Meiren, MOTINOVA, Meiken, Toshiba Toshiba, Sunye, and others. To provide green, efficient, and intelligent products and technological solutions for global industrial customers, creating a better life for billions of end users.

At present, Midea Industrial Technology has 26 global intelligent factories and has established 28 research and development test centers in China, India, Japan and other places. It has authorized more than 6500 patents and continues to increase investment in core and cutting-edge technology research and development. Its products cover high-precision core components such as compressors, motors, chips, valves, reducers, automotive components, motion control and automation, high and low voltage frequency converters, energy storage and cooling components.

Our vision is to drive everything with technology, and Midea’s industrial technology drives the world’s industry towards an efficient, reliable, green, innovative, and open beautiful industry through innovative technology.
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