Schaeffler establishes an intelligent equipment company in China, focusing on the field of intelligent manufacturing



Apr 18, 2024

Schaeffler has established an intelligent equipment company in China, focusing on the field of intelligent manufacturing, providing customized intelligent equipment solutions for market research and production, and assisting customers and industries in intelligent transformation and upgrading.

Focusing on intelligent manufacturing

Provide customized equipment solutions

The new company is named Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment (Taicang) Co., Ltd., located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province. Its predecessor was the Special Equipment Department, a functional department under the production and operation of Schaeffler Group. Initially, it only served within the group and provided production equipment for the Schaeffler factory. Thanks to Schaeffler’s excellent operational capabilities and advanced manufacturing technology, the department has accumulated rich experience in large and complex internal projects over the years. In response to market trends, Schaeffler’s Special Equipment Department has begun to enter the market, providing customized equipment solutions for external customers, and registering legal entities to operate independently on this basis.

Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment Company has accumulated rich experience in large-scale projects

At present, Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment Company has about 400 experienced intelligent device development and manufacturing personnel, providing full value chain equipment solutions and services for industries such as automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics, including assembly, testing, material transportation, digitization, robotics, etc., including standard machines, customized equipment, and digital application products. Since entering the market, Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment Company has provided a series of customized equipment solutions for the industry, including intelligent production lines such as multi in one electric drive, electronic control, battery cell spraying, battery pack, and electric toothbrush drive.

Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment Company provides customized intelligent device solutions

Excellent production technology

Assist customers and industry in intelligent upgrading

Schaeffler Group has a long history in independently developing and producing equipment, and its special equipment department has a history of more than 60 years. Faced with the market opportunities brought by the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, since 2019, Schaeffler’s Special Equipment Department has been providing customized intelligent manufacturing solutions to external customers and markets while serving within the group, and has established Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment Company to operate independently in various regions around the world. At present, Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment has 13 branches worldwide with over 1500 employees, covering regions such as Europe, America, and Asia. In China, Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment is the second largest global branch after Schaeffler Intelligent Equipment Headquarters.

Schaeffler’s establishment of an intelligent equipment company in China reflects Schaeffler’s pursuit of excellent quality and innovative capabilities. The establishment of the new company enables us to better provide our customers with innovative, flexible, and efficient intelligent manufacturing solutions, creating value for them.

——Chief Operating and Supply Chain Management Officer, Schaeffler China

Pan Shuoduan

Schaeffler has always adhered to the concept of “local resources serving the local market” and established an intelligent equipment company in China, indicating that we are actively fulfilling our firm commitment to deeply cultivating China. The new company will base itself on the local market, serve the world, fully utilize Schaeffler’s deep accumulation in the fields of digitalization and production manufacturing, and create industry-leading intelligent manufacturing solutions for the market, helping customers and the industry upgrade towards intelligence and sustainable development.

——Chief Executive Officer of Schaeffler China

Dr. Zhang Yilin
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