Good news! Hapert, a domestic high-precision measurement expert independently developed by Hikvision, won the Innovation Award



Apr 18, 2024

Recently, the final and innovation conference of the first Manufacturing Intelligent Solution Innovation Competition successfully concluded in Yongchuan, Chongqing. Industry insiders from all walks of life are here to witness the excellent results of the National Finals in a “Yongchuan Appointment”. In this competition, the “RV Reducer Ultra High Precision Testing Special Aircraft” by Hexconn Newspaper stood out from 622 works collected from various industries in the manufacturing industry nationwide and won the second prize.

The Innovation Competition for Intelligent Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry is jointly organized by China Economic Information Society, the Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economics of Machinery Industry Instruments and Meters, the Central Enterprise Intelligent Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Platform, and the IEC Intelligent Manufacturing System Committee China Expert Committee. The aim is to select and explore a group of innovative, leading, and replicable solutions around typical scenarios of intelligent transformation in various industries in the manufacturing industry, which will help improve the supply capacity of intelligent solutions in the manufacturing industry and promote the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Centennial metrology expertise

Domestic high-precision measurement expert

The domestically produced Xpert high-precision detection platform is based on the century old metrology expertise of Hexconn, adopting advanced mechanical design and motion control technology. It has an enhanced balance bracket, a main body made of all granite material, a stable and sturdy closed frame structure, professional mobile workbench design, precision ball screw transmission, etc., which can ensure better performance and long-term stability. In the software field, configuring specialized measurement software and accessory packages has stronger applicability and more flexible applications, providing users with a one-stop solution.

Facing complex components directly

Implement customized testing

The Xpert high-precision detection platform is designed for high-speed and high-precision measuring machines, meeting the high-precision measurement of various components. It is specifically designed to solve complex component detection problems. At the same time, the platform is equipped with customized accessory packages, allowing operators to run detection programs without programming. It can also customize full-size detection and evaluation, which can be applied not only in the field of RV reducers, but will also be gradually launched and updated with more diverse accessory packages to fully meet the high-precision measurement of various components.

The award of Xpert’s high-precision detection platform is a powerful validation of the strategic practice of Hyxconn GLOCAL. In the future, Hexconn will continue to integrate global high-end technology and localization needs, provide high-end products and efficient services for Chinese enterprises, and assist in the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing.
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GF D563 3BHE046836R010

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