T Ü V South Germany awarded Chint Electric Appliances dual certification for carbon neutrality and zero carbon factories



Apr 18, 2024

On April 16th, T Ü V South Germany Group (hereinafter referred to as “T Ü V South Germany”) issued a dual certificate of organization carbon neutrality and zero carbon factory (Type I, 5-star) certification to Zhejiang Chint Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chint Electric”) Wenzhou Bridge Park (Phase I and III). Representatives including Nan Junyu, the leader of the Executive Group of the Zhongtai Committee of Chint Group and the Vice President of Chint Electric, as well as Sun Jianjun, Senior Vice President of T Ü V South Germany Greater China, attended the certification ceremony. The issuance of this certificate marks a solid step for Chint Electric on the road to achieving the goal of “operating carbon neutrality (including carbon offsetting) in 2028”, and also reflects T Ü V South Germany’s unremitting efforts in helping enterprises achieve decarbonization and sustainable development of a circular economy.

T Ü V South Germany awarded Chint Electric Appliances dual certification for carbon neutrality and zero carbon factory, on-site group photo

With the proposal of China’s “3060” carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, more and more enterprises are responding to the national call, using carbon neutrality as a key word for sustainable production and operation, actively seeking emission reduction paths, implementing carbon reduction measures, and achieving zero carbon emissions. As a leading enterprise in the new energy industry, Chint Electric bravely assumes industry and social responsibilities, and is committed to sustainable development. In order to actively build a new type of power system with new energy as the main body and achieve a “zero carbon” new pattern, Chint Electric Appliances has partnered with the international authoritative third-party testing and certification agency T Ü V Nande to carry out cooperation on its comprehensive energy efficiency application, electrification transformation and improvement.

With the technical support of T Ü V South Germany, Chint Electric Appliances has started with multiple practical paths, including deploying clean energy, building digital energy management systems, applying energy-saving technologies, and continuously improving energy efficiency, gradually upgrading the full process low-carbon cycle from green product design to green factories. During the project cooperation process, experts from T Ü V South Germany verified the total greenhouse gas emissions of Scope 1 and Scope 2 of Chint Electric’s Wenzhou Bridge Park (Phase I and III) through document review, on-site verification, and evaluated the carbon reduction contributions and carbon credit offset information of Chint Electric’s various emission reduction actions. Finally, T Ü V South Germany confirmed that the above-mentioned park meets the certification requirements of PAS 2060:2014 and the “T/CECA-G 0171-2022 Zero Carbon Factory Evaluation Specification”, and issued a dual certificate of organization carbon neutrality and zero carbon factory certification to Chint Electric Appliances.

The certification of carbon neutrality and zero carbon factories has provided a new development paradigm for consolidating the future core competitiveness of enterprises and achieving industry sustainability. It is a positive reflection of Chint Electric’s efforts to promote the integration of sustainable concepts and full chain integrated development over the years. The Sustainable Development Business Department of T Ü V South Germany covers various industries and has rich experience in carbon neutrality related projects and professional verification qualifications in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, and new energy. It can provide dual carbon related verification services, including carbon footprint verification at the organizational and product levels, carbon neutrality commitments, and certification and verification services, as well as zero carbon factories, to help domestic enterprises gain international recognition while continuously injecting new quality productivity into the national “dual carbon” economy and opening up a broader new landscape of green development.

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