Schneider Electric Ding Xiaohong: The integration and innovation of AI and application scenarios is a key variable in promoting digital transformation



Jun 11, 2024

On June 6th, the 2024 Schneider Electric Innovation Summit was held in Qingdao, China. At the roundtable forum on “AI Accelerating Digital Transformation and Moving towards a New Era of Intelligence” in the morning, Ding Xiaohong, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric and Head of Industrial Automation Business in China, pointed out that the integration and innovation of AI and application scenarios will further unleash digital potential and provide strong driving force for promoting the digital transformation of industries.

Ding Xiaohong, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric and Head of Industrial Automation Business in China

New features of digital transformation: stronger internal drive, more pragmatic, more integrated, and more open

Currently, the magnificent wave of digitalization is continuously driving the formation and development of new productive forces, and bringing profound impacts to the transformation of industrial forms and market patterns. Ding Xiaohong believes that the core elements of new quality productivity are innovation and high-quality development, green, low-carbon, and digital intelligence. Under the interaction of these factors, digital transformation will present new features.

On the one hand, the internal driving force for digital transformation of enterprises will become stronger and stronger, actively pursuing energy conservation, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement, creating their own differentiated competitive advantages, and ultimately establishing their own influence in the industry; On the other hand, the digital transformation of enterprises will become increasingly pragmatic. Enterprises will consider both short-term input-output ratios and sustainable development goals based on their own priority needs and application scenarios.

At the same time, at the level of industrial ecology, there will be greater integration, co creation, and open collaboration. By selecting suitable partners and conducting joint innovation, we can jointly promote the integration of digitalization and low-carbon, software and hardware, process optimization and energy optimization, as well as the integration of industrial application scenarios with cutting-edge new technologies such as AI, digital twins, machine learning, and 5G, fully unleashing the potential of digitalization and forming greater industrial influence.

Transformation tools: clarifying paths, cultivating internal skills, making good use of technology, and integrating ecology

To do a good job, one must first sharpen one’s tools. Through the correct methods and tools, promoting the practical implementation of digital transformation and truly creating practical value and opportunities for enterprises is the “best way” to judge the effectiveness of digital transformation.

In the field of digital transformation, Schneider Electric has accumulated four major experiences through years of practice and serving industry users, including “clarifying the path, cultivating internal skills, making good use of technology, and integrating ecology.”.

Ding Xiaohong stated that when promoting digital transformation, enterprises should first clarify the path, combine their own industry characteristics and pain points, do a good job in the overall planning of “small steps and fast running”, and flexibly adjust the pace according to phased goals; Secondly, enterprises need to continuously cultivate their internal skills and continuously enhance their digital and intelligent organizational awareness and capabilities; Thirdly, make good use of technology. Enterprises should choose mature and stable software technologies and tools to achieve the integration of key data throughout the entire lifecycle, and truly build their own digital and intelligent factories; Finally, integrating the ecosystem, specializing in the industry, and relying on the ecosystem to achieve resource complementarity can help promote the digital transformation process more efficiently and quickly.

The integration and innovation of AI and application scenarios, becoming a strong engine for digital transformation

Among the cutting-edge technologies driving the wave of digital transformation, AI technology has shown unlimited development potential and become a new key variable in promoting industrial digital transformation.

Ding Xiaohong believes that the key to unleashing the potential of AI technology lies in promoting the integration and innovation of AI technology and practical application scenarios. She stated that currently, Schneider Electric has widely applied AI technology to a series of specific scenarios such as visual recognition, predictive analysis, equipment control, process optimization, energy efficiency optimization, and operator training, and actively led the industrial ecosystem to collaborate and create, becoming an excellent “practitioner” and “empowerer” of AI technology.

According to Ding Xiaohong, as a “practitioner”, Schneider Electric has widely deployed predictive maintenance based on AI algorithms in various factories in China. This not only doubles the average time between failures of key equipment, but also reduces downtime and spare parts consumption; As an “enabler”, Schneider Electric’s solutions based on AI technology can help users achieve efficiency improvements of 3% -5% and annual energy consumption reductions of 5% -10%.

Looking ahead to the future, Ding Xiaohong said, “On the journey of digital transformation, Schneider Electric is willing to actively play a bridging role, work together with a wide range of industrial partners, establish connections between innovative digital technologies, rich application scenarios, and broad market demands, jointly build industry competitiveness and influence, and strive for a more efficient, sustainable, and people-oriented future.”
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