Siemens Joins Hands with the Electrical Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Exploration and Design Association to Build a New Track in the Industry



Jun 11, 2024

With the transformation of the global energy structure and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the petrochemical industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. At this critical moment, Siemens, as a leading digital solution partner in the petrochemical industry, collaborated with the Electrical Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Exploration and Design Association to hold a landmark meeting in Shanghai from June 5th to June 6th – the 2024 Mid year Work Conference of the Electrical Design Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Exploration and Design Association. The theme of this conference is focused on “promoting the development of new quality productivity in the petrochemical and electrical industry, fully leveraging the professional leading role of electrical engineering in the direction of high technology, high efficiency, and high-quality productivity”. The aim is to jointly explore how to promote the low-carbon and digital transformation of the petroleum and chemical industry, injecting new impetus into the sustainable development of the industry.

As a special invited member of the Electrical Committee and a co organizer of this conference, Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group has become an important force driving industry change with its profound industry accumulation and technological strength. During the conference, Ole Baranowski, General Manager of Sales for the Vertical Industry of Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Siemens Xcelerator Empowering Digitalization and Dual Carbon Transformation in the Petrochemical Industry”. Using the pain points in operation, maintenance, and sustainability in the petrochemical industry as the starting point, he proposed Siemens’ value proposition in the petrochemical industry, and combined with Siemens’ digital and green low-carbon concepts, he elaborated on how Siemens can help petrochemical enterprises achieve low-carbon, efficient, and intelligent production and operation through advanced digital technology and solutions.

During the meeting, the Siemens expert team also shared numerous successful cases and industry insights with the attending guests, and engaged in in-depth communication and interaction. At the same time, Siemens also showcased its latest technologies and products in the digitalization and low-carbon transformation of the petrochemical industry, such as the intelligent solution NXAirS air insulated switchgear, the new generation framework circuit breaker 3WA for digital transformation, and the ISED energy planning simulation software suitable for hydrogen project simulation design, which won widespread praise and recognition from the attending guests.

On June 6th, the expert team of the Electrical Committee of the Petrochemical Exploration and Design Association also personally inspected Siemens Shanghai Switch Co., Ltd. (SSLS). This factory is a Siemens green and low-carbon factory, and the main production processes in the factory are achieved through AGV robot handling, with an intelligent signage system in the factory area. In addition, the factory has installed photovoltaic panels on all roofs, achieving a green and low-carbon energy-saving concept. Here, experts witnessed Siemens’ fully automated production workshops and gained a deeper understanding of Siemens’ leading position and technological strength in the fields of automation and digitization. Through this inspection, experts have gained a more intuitive and profound understanding of Siemens’ contribution in promoting digitalization and low-carbon transformation in the petrochemical industry.

Under the guidance of national policies, the petrochemical industry is facing new opportunities and challenges provided by new productivity factors such as digitalization and low-carbon. Siemens has launched a development strategy of “digitalization and low-carbon dual wheel drive” in China, which is in line with these new productivity factors and is serving the energy and industrial sectors, including petrochemicals. Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group provides solid technical support for the green and sustainable development of China’s petrochemical industry with a highly reliable medium and low voltage distribution system, combined with globally innovative intelligent distribution and fluorine free low-carbon solutions. During this critical period of transformation, Siemens is collaborating with ecological partners to lead by new quality productivity and help promote the green transformation and sustainable development of the petrochemical industry—— Yang Xiening, Vice President of Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group and General Manager of Electrical and Automation Business Unit

The successful holding of this conference not only pointed out the direction for the digital transformation and low-carbon development of the petrochemical industry, but also laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between Siemens and the Electrical Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Exploration and Design Association. In this era full of opportunities and challenges, Siemens will continue to uphold the corporate values of “taking responsibility, pursuing excellence, and striving for innovation”, and provide strong support for the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry with advanced technology and solutions. In the future, both sides will continue to work together to promote innovation and development in the petrochemical industry, and contribute wisdom and strength to building a green, low-carbon, and intelligent energy system. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, the petrochemical industry will usher in a better future!

The open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator integrates a carefully designed combination of IoT hardware and software, a constantly evolving ecosystem of partners, and a Marketplace to create value by promoting interaction and innovation among multiple parties. This platform has great potential for personalized services, is easy to access, provides overall OT/IT integration, and has deep domain knowledge. Can provide support for the entire digital transformation value chain. Siemens Xcelerator will empower Chinese enterprises of different scales in the petrochemical industry to achieve digital transformation, making it easier, faster, and more conducive to large-scale implementation.
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