Schneider Electric 2024 Innovation Summit: Digital Green Integration, Empowering Industrial New Quality Productivity



Jun 11, 2024

Recently, the 2024 Schneider Electric Innovation Summit, with the theme of “dual engines advancing together, digital intelligence emerging”, was held in Qingdao. On site, Schneider Electric showcased a series of high-tech, efficient, and high-quality green digital innovation achievements, as well as full scenario solutions for various industries. Through a series of innovation achievements and profound industry experience, Schneider Electric empowers the development of new industrial productivity, helps enterprises accelerate digital and green low-carbon “dual transformation”, and achieves technology driven and ecological win-win high-quality development.

With the proposal of “new quality productivity”, technological innovation represented by artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies has become an important lever to promote industrial innovation, accelerate the promotion of new industrialization, and promote a new leap in social productivity. At the meeting, Ding Xiaohong, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric and Head of Industrial Automation Business in China, said, “In the context of the ‘dual transformation’, high-quality development in the industrial field requires advanced digital technology, a future oriented innovation ecosystem, and the joint efforts of users and partners in the entire industry. In this regard, Schneider Electric will work together with more industry colleagues to build industrial influence and move towards a more efficient and sustainable future through two engines of technological innovation and ecological innovation.”

Empowered by digital intelligence, comprehensive innovation in software and hardware

Based on new trends and demands in the industrial field, Schneider Electric always takes innovation as its anchor, injecting a continuous stream of digital and green energy into the enterprise. At this year’s Innovation Summit, Schneider Electric showcased numerous innovative technological achievements and solutions that integrate digitalization, automation, and electrification, with the aim of helping enterprises accelerate their dual transformation.

Industrial software is the core technological support driving digital transformation, which needs to be coordinated with hardware and combined with scenarios, effectively entering into user application scenarios and actual pain points. As an important support for Schneider Electric’s innovative solution of integrating software and hardware, the fully upgraded AVEVA industrial software solution integrates cutting-edge technologies such as digital twins, AI, and machine learning, which can bring efficiency improvements throughout the entire lifecycle of design, construction, operation, and maintenance to enterprises. Meanwhile, EcoStruxure based on the IEC 61499 standard ™ An open automation platform can integrate hardware vendors under unified standards, achieve software defined automation, and decouple software and hardware, promoting plug and play production in the field of industrial automation.

As the highly anticipated automation products at this summit, the new generation Modicon M310 motion controller and Lexium 18 series servo are localized products developed by Schneider Electric China R&D Center. The Modicon M310 motion controller is developed based on the Codesys 3.5 SP19 software platform, supports EtherCAT bus and is equipped with advanced processors. It has powerful computing power, high usability, and high flexibility, which can help industrial enterprises build high-end manufacturing equipment and automated production lines. The Lexium 18 series servo has four major functional highlights: adaptive resonance suppression, end vibration suppression, STO safety function, and dynamic braking. Coupled with the series servo motor, it can create more efficient and intelligent flexible manufacturing equipment and production lines for users. Among them, the Lexium 18E bus type servo driver, which also supports the EtherCAT bus protocol, seamlessly collaborates with the Modicon M310 motion controller to form a motion control triangle based on the EtherCAT ecosystem, helping customers in industries such as packaging, electronics and electrical engineering, and machining to create highly adaptable and stable motion control systems.

In addition, Schneider Electric also showcased new products on site, including Harmony SSP1 * E single-phase solid-state relays, Modicon series ABL2D rail switch power supplies, as well as innovative solutions in medium and low voltage distribution, microgrids, and other areas, helping enterprises improve production and energy efficiency.

Focusing on industry pain points and deeply cultivating full coverage of digital solutions

Under the industrial topic of this summit, Schneider Electric has set up exhibition areas for three major industries: chemical oil and gas, consumer goods, and steel, and presented a series of digital solutions and innovative products on site.

Under the “dual carbon” goal, relying on digital technology to build green productivity, reduce carbon emissions and pollution is the key to achieving “stability, growth, and optimization” in the chemical oil and gas industry. Taking the green hydrogen industry as an example, enterprises urgently need to utilize digital technologies that cover design and operational considerations to create a safe, controllable, and economically efficient industrial chain. To this end, Schneider Electric is based on an integrated design and operation digital overall solution that runs through the entire scenario of energy “source network load storage” and “wind solar power generation, green hydrogen, and green chemical”. By integrating digital systems such as power generation, energy storage, power grid, hydrogen production, and synthetic ammonia, Schneider Electric creates an overall design and collaborative operation and maintenance of green electricity, green hydrogen, and green chemical from five dimensions: horizontal, vertical, temporal, dynamic, and integrated, to achieve a digital leap throughout the entire project lifecycle for enterprises.

The life sciences industry and the food and beverage industry are two key areas in the consumer goods industry. Among them, the life science industry, as one of the key tracks for developing new quality productivity, is facing challenges such as digitization and sustainability, production compliance and safety, quality and efficiency improvement. Schneider Electric will provide a seven step digital transformation approach that includes digital transformation consulting services, integrated design, asset information management center, operation information management center, intelligent facilities, efficient operation and integrated operation center. By running through the project stage to the operation stage, Schneider Electric will bring four major values to enterprises: lean efficiency, safety compliance, openness and transparency, and sustainable development. On the other hand, focusing on the pain points of the food and beverage industry on production efficiency, transparency and safety, Schneider Electric integrates energy management and automation, and can provide comprehensive solutions and services from hardware to software, from consulting to implementation, bringing three values to the industry: progressiveness technology, standardized process flow, transparency and traceability, helping enterprises improve energy efficiency and production efficiency, ensure production safety and compliance, reduce comprehensive costs, and continue to improve the industry’s digital, intelligent and green level.

As a typical traditional industry, the steel industry generally faces challenges such as production efficiency and environmental pressure. Enterprises urgently need to develop appropriate decarbonization plans, combine innovative digital technologies and advanced green and low-carbon technologies, and accelerate the transformation towards high-end, intelligent, and green. In this regard, Schneider Electric relies on years of technical accumulation and practical experience in the steel industry to provide digital solutions for the steel industry, covering asset management, energy management, unmanned driving, comprehensive control, and digital material yards. With a full lifecycle approach that combines software and hardware, Schneider Electric empowers enterprises to enhance their capabilities in automation control, efficient operation, safety and reliability, energy conservation and carbon reduction. Among them, as a leading fully automatic crane and intelligent warehouse management solution in the industry, Schneider Electric’s IACS unmanned driving system integrates cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data, Internet of Things, 5G, cloud computing, and industrial Internet of Things. It can bring information flow and physical flow to enterprises, improve production safety, product quality, operational logistics efficiency, labor productivity, and intelligent operation and maintenance, achieving six major values of safe and intelligent efficient production.

At the afternoon machinery and equipment manufacturing industry sub conference, Schneider Electric and a group of industry experts and business partners on site deeply discussed the development trends of the equipment manufacturing industry. Currently, the digital wave is driving the manufacturing industry to transform from a traditional linear value chain to a three-dimensional value chain network, forming three new value creation systems based on chain owner enterprises, platform enterprises, and user ecology. Under the “dual carbon” goal, “green intelligent manufacturing” is becoming a strong engine to drive economic development. Schneider Electric will use top-level planning and strategic consulting as the entry point for industry transformation and upgrading. From multiple dimensions such as the important value of standardization in the digital implementation process, how supply chain collaboration can assist agile manufacturing, AI technology empowerment, predictive maintenance, and energy management, Schneider Electric will help enterprises accelerate dual transformation and forge “sustainable” competitiveness.

With the continuous and deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, the innovative development of the digital economy is becoming a key force in empowering industries to accelerate transformation and promote the construction of modern industrial systems. As a trusted partner of the enterprise, Schneider Electric will rely on two engines of technological innovation and ecological innovation to empower more business partners to accelerate the development of new quality productivity, firmly grasp the opportunities of digital and green low-carbon “dual transformation”, and work together to move towards a high-quality industrial future.
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