VMICPCI-7806–211000 | GE | Reflective memory card | VMICPCI-7806–211000


VMICPCI-7806–211000 | GE | Reflective memory card | VMICPCI-7806–211000



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  VMICPCI-7806-211000 Other names:

Control unit VMICPCI-7806-211000

VMICPCI-7806-211000 Input/Output Module

PLC module VMICPCI-7806-211000

  Functional characteristics

Microprocessor: VMICPCI-7806 is based on the Pentium M processor series. The enhanced Pentium M processor has a 1M byte L2 cache, while the Celeron M has a 512 KB L2 cache. The Pentium/Celeron M processor series provides cooling capabilities that are highly suitable for operating embedded systems over a wide temperature range.

DRAM Memory: VMICPCI-7806 accepts a 200 pin SODIMM DDR module for 256Mbyte memory configuration, with 512 megabytes and 1 megabyte.

BIOS: VMICPCI-7806 system BIOS and video BIOS are provided in programmable memory. Video graphics controller: High resolution graphics and VMICPCI-7806 support multimedia quality videos through an internal graphics controller. A fully functional and integrated 2D/3D graphics accelerator provides pixel processing and rendering, with display resolution support of up to 1600 x 1200. The video output is provided through a CompactPCI connector. Supports analog and LVDS digital video.

Note: LVDS’s standard video BIOS supports panels only up to 800 x 600. If the VMIACC-0584 backplane is not used, video should be disabled through CMOS settings.

CompactFlash: VMICPCI-7806 includes a CompactFlash socket. CompactFlash can be configured as a boot device through BIOS boot device settings. Please refer to the CompactFlash ordering options for available sizes.

IDE interface: VMICPCI-7806 is supported for hard drives. The IDE interface allows for several types of data transfer: programmatic I/O (PIO), 8237 DMA, ultra ATA/33, ultra ATA/66, and ultra ATA/100.

Note: The Ultra DMA IDE mode requires high-performance 80 conductor cables.

Ethernet controller: VMICPCI-7806 provides dual Intel 82546EB connection for 10/100/1000BaseTX LAN Ethernet controllers. Provide two standard RJ45 connectors on the front panel with two network status indicator lights. Two local area networks support PICMG 2.16 ports. Version 1.0 can also be accessed through the CompactPCI backplane.

Serial ATA: VMICPCI-7806 via a CompactPCI backplane connector.

Remote Ethernet boot: VMICPCI-7806 utilizes extended ROM BIOS to enable processors to boot from network servers. This facility supports PXE and various network boot protocols, including BOOTP and DHCP (TCP/IP).

USB ports: VMICPCI-7806 provides two high-speed universal serial bus (USB 2.0) ports. The port can be connected to a CompactPCI backplane connector.

Serial ports: VMICPCI-7806 provides two serial ports compatible with 16550. Each serial port has an independent 16 byte FIFO that supports a baud rate of up to 115 Kbaud. One connection serial port is provided by the RJ45 connector located in the front panel. Both serial ports can be used through the connector through CompactPCI. PMC Expansion Site: VMICPCI-7806 provides two separate IEEE 1386.1 PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) expansion sites. This extension allows for the addition of peripheral devices provided for PMC applications. One PMC site is 3.3V 64 bit, 66 MHz, while the second site is 5.0V 32 bit, 33 MHz.

Keyboard and mouse ports: VMICPCI-7806 supports PS/2 using the optional VMIACC-0584 backplane adapter for keyboard and mouse via a CompactPCI connector. Hardware reset: You can access the front panel of the hardware reset switch.

Watchdog Timer: VMICPCI-7806 provides a software programmable watchdog timer. The watchdog timer has been enabled under software control. Once the timer is enabled, the software must access the timer within the specified time period, or the output of the watchdog timer will interrupt or reset the unit. The reset or interrupt operation is programmable.

Signal: An indicator of the main IDE interface activity, with board status, good power supply, and blue LED for hot swapping provided on the front panel. In addition, Ethernet adapter activity is located on each RJ45 network connector.

Thermal management: VMICPCI-7806 uses a passive heat sink that relies on forced air cooling inside the device to place the bracket at a specified flow rate. Please refer to the environmental specifications for more information.

CompactPCI Bus Bridge: VMICPCI-7806 is a general-purpose CompactPCI single board computer (SBC) that supports both system slot controllers and peripheral slot application controllers. The PCI to PCI bridge interface bus of CompactPCI is automatically configured as a transparent or opaque bridge. This implementation is fully compliant with PICMG 2.0 Rev.3.0, PICMG 2.1 Rev.2.0, and PCI to PCI Bridge Architecture Revision 1.1. IPMI: VMICPCI-7806 provides support for PICMG 2.9 Rev. 1.5 IPMI through Zircon PM peripheral device management controller.

High availability hot swapping: VMICPCI-7806 complies with the PICMG 2.1 Rev.2.0 standard for CompactPCI hot swapping. This VMICPCI-7806 meets the high availability requirements of this standard. The processor may have been removed and replaced while the system is operational. Processing can automatically switch to the backup SBC system previously installed in

CMOS battery: The bracket used in VMICPCI-7806 allows for on-site replacement of CMOS batteries. The header and jumper allow the battery to be disconnected from the circuit for long-term storage.

Backplane configuration: VMICPCI-7806 provides support for several peripheral device connectors for using a CompactPCI backplane. These signals are routed to the CompactPCI J3J5 connector. This allows for connecting external IDE disk drives, floppy disk drives, USB, SATA, video, as well as keyboards and mice

Through VMIACC-0584 backplane adapter. The connection with these

Provide signals for application development.

Note: If VMICPCI-7806 is not used with VMIACC-0584

Backboard adapter, user responsible

Terminate video, SATA, and USB or use to disable these features

In CMOS settings.

Operating system and software support

VMICPCI-7806 supports multiple operating systems

Including Microsoft ® Windows 2000, Windows XP, QNX, Linux

And VxWorks.

Physical/Environmental Specifications

Size: 6U (4HP) single slot Eurocard shape factor

Height 9.2 inches (233.4mm)

Depth 6.3 inches (160 millimeters)

Thickness 0.8 inches (20.3mm)

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