DS200DCFBG1BLC GE Power module


DS200DCFBG1BLC GE Power module



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  DS200DCFBG1BLC  Other names:

Input/output module DS200DCFBG1BLC

DS200DCFBG1BLC analog module

Controller module DS200DCFBG1BLC

  Product Description

DS200DCFBG1BLC is a power board designed by General Electric for Mark V series optional and replacement boards. The members of this series are cross compatible with many GE brand exciters and drives. The drives of DC2000, AC2000, CB2000, ME2000, and FC2000 can all accept this power board. This card provides system control level power to the drives it installs and power to the cabinet fans. The rated voltage range of the AC input source for this board is 38 to 115 VAC. The frequency range accompanying this VAC is from 0 to 500 kHz, depending on the strength of the input voltage. Although the DS200DCFBG1BLC printed circuit board itself can be defined as a power board, the initial power board developed in the Mark V turbine control system series was the DS200DCFBG1 power board, which lacked three important functional revisions of the DS200DCFBG1BLC product. As implied by its extended name, the more powerful Mark V turbine control system series of this DS200DCFBG1BLC power board has specific applications in the management and control systems of wind, steam, and gas turbine automatic drive components.

  Hardware prompts and specifications

DS200DCFBG1BLC contains many complex circuit systems designed to power most drivers. This card includes an AC/DC monitoring circuit, a control level power supply circuit, a motor field power supply circuit, and a drive circuit. Users can configure 12 jumpers and 7 DIP switches on the card to meet any external requirements. The status of the motherboard is communicated to the user through onboard indicator lights. The card is equipped with 2 LED indicator lights and 1 neon indicator light, providing users with important diagnostic and status information. The three fuses of this circuit board are protected to ensure that any major interruption or surge will not disrupt the current on the DS200DCFBG1BLC circuit board or its larger Mark V series automatic driver components. Please make sure to regularly monitor the voltage level using the five test points integrated on the board. Fortunately, the DS200DCFBG1BLC instruction manual embedded in the manual tab above describes the specific functions of each of the five test points in the DS200DCFBG1BLC product. The test points for the DS200DCFBG1BLC power board include:

P5+5 V DC power supply test point

DCOM 0 V test signal common reference point

P15+15 V DC power supply test point

N15-15 V DC power supply test point

ACCT DCFB to SDCC ACCT signal testing point

All test points listed above in the DS200DCFBG1BLC board assembly are named through a combination of factory printed naming labels, specific voltage ratings, and the functionality of the DS200DCFBG1BLC printed circuit board and its more powerful Mark V turbine control system series automatic drivers. The DCFB and SDCC boards accessed at the ACCT test point of this DS200DCFBG1BLC product can also be purchased and repaired in various different revision styles here. It is necessary to follow the installation parameters provided by DS200DCFBG1BLC and the driver. These guidelines will ensure that the motherboard and its installed system operate as expected. Generally speaking, the DS200DCFBG1BLC printed circuit board should be considered as an electrostatic sensitive product and may have potentially lethal surface voltage during or after standard functional use. For wiring and installation guidelines, please refer to the series manual and equipment data sheet. The technical support for all Mark V series motherboards was initially provided by the manufacturer General Electric.

  Common questions about DS200DCFBG1BLC

  How much input power does DS200DCFBG1BLC receive from CPT?

DS200DCFBG1BLC receives input power of 38 and 115 VAC (24 VDC) from the control power transformer (CPT) connected to DS200DCFBG1BLC.

  Where can I find the description of the connector pins on DS200DCFBG1BLC?

DS200DCFBG1BLC obtains and sends input and output signals/power through 18 plug connectors and 9 plug connectors. Tables 6-22 in the DS200DCFBG1BLC manual (GEI-100028) provide instructions for each connector. The table in the manual identifies the DS200DCFBG1BLC connector by pin, terminology, and description. Figure 1 in the DS200DCFBG1BLC manual (GE Industrial System Power Manual) also displays the position of the connectors through the DS200DCFBG1BLC circuit board layout diagram.

  How many jumpers does DS200DCFBG1BLC have?

DS200DCFBG1BLC has 12 configurable jumpers. The jumper position on DS200DCFBG1BLC is jumper JP1-JP14, but jumpers JP13 and JP14 have been removed on DS200DCFBG1BLC. You can find the location of the DS200DCFBG1BLC jumper in Figure 1 of the manual, and you can also find the description of the DS200DCFBG1BLC jumper in Table 1 of the GEI-100028 manual. If you need a copy of this manual, please request the DS200DCFBG1BLC manual.

  What is stab P1A on the GE DS200DCFBG1BLC board?

The Stab P1A on DS200DCFBG1BLC is one of the Stab terminal connectors on DS200DCFBG1BLC, and is the DC bridge positive voltage connector on DS200DCFBG1BLC.

  Comments from DS200DCFBG1BLC

The board includes a relay (K2) that serves as a guiding relay for the MD contactor. The coil is driven by the SDCC/LDCC board through IPL-34, IPL-35, and IPL-36. JP2 (Jumper 2) will shorten the opening time of the AC contactor of the relay from normal operation (approximately 100 ms delay) to the minimum delay state.

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