IS200SRLYH1A-Relay output terminal board MKVI-IS200SRLYH1A


IS200SRLYH1A-Relay output terminal board MKVI-IS200SRLYH1A



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IS200SRLYH1A Other names:

Interface module IS200SRLYH1A

IS200SRLYH1A controller module

PCB module IS200SRLYH1A

IS200SRLYH1A PLC module

  Product Description

IS200SRLYH1A is a circuit board component of the Mark VI gas and steam turbine management system. MKVI is one of the final versions of the Speedtronic system, built around a central control module with connected terminal boards and an HMI (operator interface) built from a PC workstation running the MS Windows platform. This operator interface provides users with alarm display and dynamic graphics, and allows access to point control displays and process variable trends. HMI is loaded with software such as CIMPLICITY graphics display system and GE control system toolbox, which provide I/O configuration and monitoring, online help files, real-time data block flowcharts, and online code change functions.IS200TBCIS2CCD

IS200SRLYH1A is used as the output terminal board for solid-state relays. This board is a 12 output relay board that uses solid-state relays for output. This type of relay enables the board to pass Class 1 Div. 2 application certification. The 12 circuits of this board have independent output voltage feedback.

The TRLYH-E board has three versions. The IS200SRLYH1A board is rated for 24 V DC applications. The maximum load resistance at nominal 24 V DC is 4.5 k Ω. Please verify whether this is the correct board that meets your needs before placing an order.

IS200SRLYH1A is controlled by VCRC or VCCC board. It supports both simplex and TMR applications. When this board is used for simplex applications, only the JA1 connector is used.

IS200SRLYH1A comes with a terminal block, relay (as mentioned earlier), diode, capacitor, and resistor. Resistors include metal film resistors. This board has four (female) cable connectors.

  Function Description:

IS200SRLYH1A is a relay output with coil induction terminal board manufactured and designed by General Electric, belonging to the Mark VIe series used in GE distributed gas turbine control systems. The relay output with TMR contact voting (TRLY) terminal board provides 12 contact voting relay outputs. This board accommodates 12 sealed relays in each TMR section, for a total of 36 relays. The combination of relay contacts from R, S, and T forms a voting type A (NO) contact. Can apply 24/125 V DC or 115 V AC.IS200TBCIS2CCD(2)

TRLY does not have power distribution function. For Mark VI and VIe control systems, an optional distribution board IS200SRLYH1A can be added to provide standard 125 V DC or 115 V AC power supply for on-site solenoid valves, or an optional 24 V DC power supply with separate fuses. IS200SRLYH1A provides a single fuse on the high voltage side (pin 1 of J1-J4) of each distribution circuit for AC applications, where a fuse is not required in the neutral return line (pin 3 of J1-J4). TRLYH2 is the same as TRLY1F, except that the voting contacts form a B-type (NC) output. Both boards can be used for Class 1 and Zone 2 applications.


Connect the wires of the 12 solenoid valves directly to the two I/O terminal blocks on the terminal block, as shown in the TRLY1F terminal block wiring diagram. Each terminal block is fixed with two screws and has 24 terminals, which can accommodate up to # 12 AWG wires. The shielding terminal strip connected to the chassis grounding is located on the left side of each wiring terminal. If using a WPDF sub board, a solenoid valve power supply with outputs 1-12 can be used. Alternatively, the customer’s power supply can also be connected to the wiring board. The 28 V DC power supply for the terminal block relay coil and logic comes from three I/O processors connected to JR1, JS1, and JT1.


The 28 V DC power supply for the terminal block relay coil and logic comes from three I/O processors connected to JR1, JS1, and JT1. The same relay is used for AC voltage and DC voltage, as described in the specifications section. TRLY1F and 2F use the same relay, but the circuit is different. The relay driver is installed on TRLY1F and drives the relay at frame rate. The relay output has a fault safety function, which votes to power off the corresponding relay when the cable is unplugged or communication with the relevant I/O board or I/O package is lost.

This board only supports TMR applications. The relay control signal is routed from the three I/O processors R, S, and T to TRLY1F through plugs JR1, JS1, and JT1. These signals directly control the corresponding relay drivers for each TMR section R, S, and T. The power supply for each relay coil in each section comes from its own I/O processor and is not shared with other parts.

TRLY has TMR contact voting function. The relay contacts from R, S, and T are combined to form a voting type A (NO) contact. Can be applied to 24/125 V DC or 115 V AC. TRLY is the same, except that the voting contacts form a B-type (NC) output. The following figure shows the TMR voting contact circuit.

  Frequently asked questions

  What is the output of a relay with a coil induction terminal board?

A relay output with coil induction terminal board is a device that combines a relay used to switch electrical loads with an additional terminal used to monitor the status or condition of the relay coil.

  How does the coil induction terminal board work?

The coil induction terminal board usually includes additional terminals to provide information about the status of the relay coil. This can include detecting whether the coil is powered on (activated) or powered off (deactivated).

  Where can I buy a relay output terminal board?

You can purchase relay output terminal boards from Xiamen Xiongba. Xiamen Xiongba is a supplier of industrial automation and control products, including relay output terminal boards. You can visit our website or contact us directly to inquire about their vibration monitoring board series and make a purchase.

  How to contact Xiamen Xiongba?

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