IS420UCSBH4A-GE Mark VIe UCSB Controller


IS420UCSBH4A-GE Mark VIe UCSB Controller



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  IS420UCSBH4A Other names:

Control unit IS420UCSBH4A

IS420UCSBH4A Analog Input Output Controller

Communication controller IS420UCSBH4A

  Product Description

The IS420UCSBH4A controller is the first UCSB controller in the Mark VIe Control Safety System series manufactured by General Electric. This controller is similar to the UCSC controller, although the hardware is different, the software required to operate this controller is almost the same. According to the GEH-6725 Mark VIe and Mark VIeS, Control Equipment Hazardous Area Use Guidelines, the IS420UCSBH4A controller is labeled as a Mark VIe, LS2100e, and EX2100e controller. The controller also uses a specific microprocessor, and the microprocessor installed in the device is a 600 MHz EP80579 Intel processor.

On page 22 of the GEH-6725 user manual, there is a small table indicating the electrical/power ratings required to power IS420UCSBH4A. The ratings are as follows: minimum voltage is 18 volts DC, maximum DC is 30 volts, and nominal power ratings are 24 volts and 28 volts DC. The maximum current rating used by this device is 1.5 ADC.

When installing, installing the IS420UCSBH4A controller in hazardous and non hazardous locations requires multiple certifications. For example, when installed in ATEX Zone 2, IIC group, the required certification is UL DEMKO 12 ATEX 1114875X. All certifications for controllers installed in Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC, non hazardous and Class I, Zone 2, Groups A, B, C, and D are the same, and the certification requirements for these locations are UL E207685.

IS420UCSBH4A is a UCSB controller module developed by GE. The UCSB controller is an independent computer that can execute application specific control system logic. Unlike traditional controllers, UCSB controllers do not host any application I/O. In addition, all I/O networks are connected to each controller, providing it with all input data. If the controller loses power due to maintenance or repair, the hardware and software architecture ensures that no application input points are lost.


The controller is pre installed with specialized software. It can run steps or blocks. No need to restart the system to make minor changes to the control software online.

The IEEE 1588 protocol is used to synchronize the clock of I/O packets and controllers to within 100 microseconds through R, S, and T IONets. External data is transmitted to or from the control system database of the controller through R, S, and T IONets. This includes the process inputs and outputs of the I/O module.

This also includes the following in the dual system:

Specify the internal state values and initialization information of the controller

Status and synchronization information from two controllers

This also includes the following in Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) systems:

Internal state values for voting and status, as well as synchronization information from all three controllers

Data from the specified controller for initialization

IS420UCSBH4A Advantages

  The UCSB controller has the following advantages:

Single module

Built in power supply

No need for jumper settings

No battery

No fans

Smaller panel size

Flash memory can be easily updated

The UCSB controller is installed in the panel and communicates with the I/O package through the onboard I/O network (IONet) interface. IONet is a dedicated Ethernet that only supports Mark controlled I/O modules and controllers.


Microprocessor: 600 MHz Intel EP80579

Memory: 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM with Error Correction Code (ECC), SRAM supported by flash memory, NAND flash memory size of 2 GB

Operating system: QNX Neutrino

Weight: 2.4 pounds


The UCSB controller is installed in a separate module that is directly connected to the panel metal plate.

The UCSB controller should be installed on a heat sink panel that allows vertical air circulation.

Comment on IS420UCSBH4A

  Internal review

The IS420UCSBH4A controller is a highly reliable and versatile module due to its long lifespan and compatibility with EX2100e, LS2100e, and Mark VI systems. Its failure rate is very low and is related to most defects, which can be repaired

  Frequently asked questions

What is IS420UCSBH4A?

IS420UCSBH4A is a UCSB controller module developed by GE

What is the weight of this component?

This component weighs approximately 2.4 pounds

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