MOTOROLA 01-W3324F 84-W8324F01B Intelligent embedded computer


MOTOROLA 01-W3324F 84-W8324F01B Intelligent embedded computer



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  MVME61006E-0163 Other names:

Processor module MVME61006E-0163

MVME61006E-0163 Single Board Computer

Control board MVME61006E-0163

MVME61006E-0163 is a single slot single board computer based on an MPC7477 processor, MV64360 system controller, Tsi148 VME bridge ASIC, up to 1GB ECC protected DDRDRAM, up to 128MB flash memory, and dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

The front panel connectors on the MVME61006E-0163 board include: two RJ-45 connectors for Gigabit Ethernet, one RJ-45 connector for asynchronous serial port, integrated LED with BRDFAIL and CPU operation indicator, and a combination reset and abort switch.

MVME61006E-0163 comes with an additional asynchronous serial port, which routes to the onboard header. MVME61006E-0163 includes two mezzanine card slots that support IEEE1386.1 PCI and PCI-X. The PMC slot has 64 bit functionality and supports both front and rear I/O.MVME-147A

All I/O pins in PMC slot 1 and 46 I/O pins in PMC slot 2 are wired to the 5-row DIN and P2 connectors. The I/O pins 1 to 64 of J14 in PMC slot 1 are routed to lines C and A of P2. The I/O pins 1 to 46 of J24 of PMCslot 2 are routed to lines D and Z of P2. MVME61006E-0163 has two flat PCI buses (PCI0 and PCI1). In order to support a more universal hierarchical naming convention for PCI buses, the MV64360 PCI bus will be referred to as PCI bus 0 (root bridge instance 0, bus 0) and PCI bus 1 (root bridge example 1, bus 0) in this document. PCI bus 1 is connected to PMC slots 1 and 2 of the board. PCI bus 0 is connected to the Tsi148 VME bridge ASICan and PMCspan bridges (PCI6520). This interface runs at PCI-X (133 MHz) speed. Both PCI flat buses are controlled by the MV64360 system controller. The voltage input/output (VIO) of PCI bus 1 is set by the position of the PMC keying pin; Both pins should be set to specify the same VIO,+3.3V or+5VMVME-147A(2)

The MVME61006E-0163 board interfaces with the VME bus through P1 and P2 connectors, which use the 5-row 160 pin connectors specified in the VME64 extension standard. It also obtains+12V and+5V power supplies from the VMEbus backplane through these two connectors+ The 3.3V,+2.5V,+1.8V, and processor core power supplies are regulated on the+5V power supply board. To achieve maximum VME bus performance, MVME6100 should be installed in a VME64x compatible backplane (5 rows). When using a 3-row backplane, 2eSST transmission is not supported.

MVME61006E-0163 supports multiple I/O operation modes. By default, the board is configured to connect to Ethernet port 2 (non specific conversion module) on the front panel and PMC slot 1 in IPMCmode. This board can be configured to route Ethernet port 2 to P2 and supports MVME712M or MVME761 conversion modules. The front/rear Ethernet and conversion module options are configured by jumper block J30. The selection of PMC slot 1 in PMC or IPMC mode is completed by jumper blocks J10, J15-J18, and J25-J28 (please refer to the modules used). If using IPMC, J30 should be configured for the corresponding conversion module (see J30 configuration options, as shown in)MVME-147A(1)

IPMC712 and IPMC761 use AD11 as the IDSEL line for Winbond PCI-ISA bridging devices. This device provides four serial and one parallel port for the IPMC7xx module. DiscoveryII PHB (MV64360) cannot recognize address lines below AD16. Therefore, although the IPMC7xx module can be used for MVME6100, the serial and parallel ports are not available and cannot be addressed. This issue will be resolved in the future. Other functions, such as Ethernet and SCSI interfaces, are independent of the Winbond IDSEL line. The wide SCSI interface can only be supported through the IPMC connector J3. MC mode is backward compatible with MVME5100 and MVME5500, and is achieved by configuring onboard jumpers.

  The characteristics and uses of MVME61006E-0163 include but are not limited to:

Calculation and data processing: This module is capable of processing large amounts of data, executing complex control algorithms, running applications, and supporting multiple communication protocols to meet the various needs of embedded systems.

High reliability: Due to its high-quality materials and manufacturing process, MVME61006E-0163 can maintain stable performance in harsh working environments, making it suitable for key fields such as industrial automation and power system monitoring.

Easy to configure and expand: The module supports multiple configuration methods, and users can flexibly configure and expand according to their actual needs to meet the needs of different applications.

Multifunctionality: In addition to basic computing and control functions, this module also integrates input and output channels, which can receive and send various signals, such as switch status, sensor signals, etc., to achieve comprehensive monitoring and control of the equipment.

MVME61006E-0163 intelligent embedded computers are widely used in industrial automation, power system monitoring, aerospace, medical equipment and other fields, providing powerful computing and control capabilities for various embedded systems. Meanwhile, due to its high reliability and stability, it has also become an indispensable part of many key fields.

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