MOTOROLA MVME712A/AM Single board computer


MOTOROLA MVME712A/AM Single board computer



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  MVME712A/AM Other names:

Intelligent embedded computer MVME712A/AM

MVME712A/AM Processor module

Dual height VME module MVME712A/AM

The Emerson Network Power MVME5500 series is the flagship of the Emerson PowerPlus II VME Architecture line, enabling supercomputing levels of performance in a single VMEbus slot. Based on an integrated PCI bridge-memory controller ASIC designed by Emerson, PowerPlus II takes memory performance to new levels with 582MB/s memory read bandwidth and 640MB/s burst write bandwidth.MVME55006E-0163R

The MVME5500  series utilizes the PowerPlus II Architecture to support full PCI throughput of 264MB/s without starving the processor from its memory. The MVME5100 is designed to meet the needs of OEMs servicing the defense and aerospace, industrial automation and medical market segments.

  I/O Compatibility

Historically, Emerson has offered two tracks in its PowerPC® Architecture VME portfolio. The first track (which includes the MVME2600/2700) provides typical single-board computer I/O features including Ethernet, SCSI, multiple serial ports, a parallel port and a single PMC slot. The on-board I/O is routed to P2 and made available to the user via Emerson MVME761 or MVME712M transition boards. The second track (which includes the MVME2300/2400) offers limited on-board I/O (Ethernet and a single serial port both via the front panel) but provides dual PMC slots enabling maximum user I/O customization.

The MVME5500 merges the best features of both tracks enabling the OEM to support varying I/O requirements with the same base platform, simplifying part number maintenance, technical expertise requirements and sparing.MVME55006E-0163R(2)

  P2 I/O Mode

The MVME5500 supports two, jumper-configurable P2 I/O modes; PMC and IPMC. PMC mode is backward compatible with the MVME2300/MVME2400. In PMC mode, 64 pins from PMC slot 1 and 46 pins from PMC slot 2 are available onP2 for PMC rear I/O.In IPMC mode, the MVME5500 supports legacy MVME761 or MVME712M I/O modules (with limited PMC I/O) when an IPMC761 or IPMC712 PMC card is populated in PMC slot 1. In this configuration, PMC slot 2 contains some signals that are reserved for extended SCSI.

  IPMC Module

The IPMC761 and IPMC712 are optional add-on PMC modules that provide backward compatibility with previous-generation Emerson products (such as MVME2600 and MVME2700) using the MVME761 or MVME712M transition board. IPMC modules provide rear I/O support for the following:

ƒ One single-ended Ultra Wide SCSI port

ƒ One parallel port

Four serial ports (2 or 3 async and 1 or 2 sync/async, depending on module)

With this PMC card configuration, the memory mezzanine, one PMC slot and the PMCspan are still available, providing support for OEM product customization.

  Transition Module

The MVME761 transition module provides industrystandard connector access to the IEEE 1284 parallel port, a 10BaseT or 100BaseT port via an RJ-45 connector, two DB-9 connectors providing access to the asynchronous serial ports configured as EIA-574 DTE and two HD-26 connectors providing access to the sync/async serial ports. These serial ports, labeled as Serial 3 and Serial 4 on the faceplate of the MVME761, are individually user-configurable as EIA-232, DCE or DTE via the installation of Emerson Serial Interface Modules (SIMs). A P2 adapter board provides interface signals to the MVME761 transition module. Two separate P2 adapter boards are available: one for 3-row backplanes and one for 5-row backplanes. The 3-row P2 adapter board provides connection for 8-bit SCSI. A 5-row P2 adapter board supports 16-bit SCSI and PMC I/O.MVME55006E-0163R(1)

The MVME712M transition module provides industrystandard connector access to the Centronics parallel port, a narrow SCSI port, and four DB-25 connectors providing access to the asynchronous/synchronous serial ports jumper configurable as EIA-232 DCE or DTE. A P2 adapter board provides interface signals to the MVME712M transition module. The 3-row P2 adapter board also provides connection for 8-bit SCSI. To gain access to the additional user-definable I/O pins provided via the 5-row VME64 extension connector, a special P2 adapter board is available. This adapter panel replaces the traditional 3-row P2 adapter board and extends its capability by providing access to the PMC I/O pins.

  Firmware Monitor

Firmware must fulfill the traditional functions of test and initialization and provide operating system boot support. The MVME5100 firmware monitor exceeds these requirements with a proven monitor from the embedded VME leader. It expands features like powerup tests with extensive diagnostics, as well as a powerful evaluation and debug tool for simple checkout or when high-level development debuggers require additional support. All this is included with the MVME5100 firmware; plus it supports booting both operating systems and kernels.

  Operating Systems and Kernels

MVME5100 supports booting a variety of operating systems, including VxWorks from Wind River Systems, Inc., Integrity from Green Hills, and Linux from a variety of partners.

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