VMIACC-5595–208 | 350–805595–208J | Hosted Hub | VMIACC-5595–208


VMIACC-5595–208 | 350–805595–208J | Hosted Hub | VMIACC-5595–208



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  VMIACC-5595-208 350-805595-208J Other names:

Control unit VMIACC-5595-208 350-805595-208J

VMIACC-5595-208 350-805595-208J Input/Output Module

Analog module VMIACC-5595-208 350-805595-208J


VMIACC-5595 is a managed hub designed to work with the VMIxxx-5565 series of reflective memory real-time network products for GE Fanuc embedded systems. Reflection allows other nodes in the network to remain operational when the memory hub detects signal loss or loss of effective synchronization mode. Due to the fact that optical ports are pluggable (SFP) transceivers with small shape factors, only dense ones are required. The VMIACC-5595 SFP transceiver can be a combination of multi-mode (short range) or single-mode (long range) transceivers. This feature can save costs for small networks and system optimization. For larger VMIACC-5595 components that can be cascaded, a managed hub array with up to 256 nodes is allowed. Regenerate serial optical signals from each port to eliminate insertion loss and cable attenuation issues. Signal regeneration also reduces jitter. The RS232 port provides you with the ability to monitor and control your reflective memory network through a simple PC serial port. The Ethernet port function allows you to remotely monitor and control the hub through a local area network (LAN) or through a web browser. As an option, VMIACC-5595 can be configured as a 19 inch 1U rack mounted storage module or desktop storage module. This universal power supply allows almost any international power standard.ACC-5595-208 350-805595-208N

  Product Overview

VMIACC-5595 detected that there is no valid synchronization mode. Three LEDs near each port provide visual indication of the port status. The additional status indication and mode operation can be achieved through the serial port or Ethernet port. The status information includes the installed detection transceiver, detection signal (optical), detection effective synchronization mode, and port operation speed (2Gb/s). The control register allows channel bypass based on the lack of single or multiple valid synchronization modes for synchronization mode. The bypass can also be simply based on the loss of signal (light). In addition, each port can be manually activated or bypassed indicators regardless of its status. An additional control register allows the transmitter of any port to be manually disabled. The front panel manual switch includes an embedded instantaneous switch reset switch and a Gang Select switch. The gang selection switch configures the VMIACC-5595 port as one loop of eight ports, or two separate loops, each with four ports.

Functional characteristics: Multimode port wavelength: 830 to 860nm

Multimode cable length: 300m (maximum)

Single mode (10km) port wavelength: 1300 to 1335nm

Single mode (10km) cable length: 10km (maximum)

Single mode (80km) port wavelength: 1540 to 1570nm

Single mode (10km) cable length: 80km (maximum)

Dark to Dark: The dark to dark option turns off the transmitter of the chessboard, if the receiver does not detect a signal (can be used for firmware version 02.00 and later).

Ethernet controller: 10BaseT interface conforms to transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) standards. Each hub component has a unique MAC address. The hub component can run a network (WAN) on a local area network or wide area network.

VMIACC-5595 includes an available remote user interface connected via standard Ethernet. The remote interface is controlled through the use of a standard HTML based web browser. The user interface displays status data, such as “signal loss” and “synchronization detection” information. Bypass mode, “Darkness in the Dark” and the ability to force each port to open/close or automatically open. These settings are retained in NVRAM.ACC-5595-208 350-805595-208N(1)

Physical/Environmental Specifications

Desktop component size: 16.73 inches by 10.0 inches by 1.72 inches by height. Size does not include anti slip self-adhesive feet.

Rack mounting component dimensions: The basic dimensions are the same as the desktop components, but include two 1U rack mounting standard 19 inch rack brackets.

Front panel connector: There are eight industry standard SFP transceivers. The SFP socket is not filled and the transceiver contains EMI dust plugs. There is an RJ45 Ethernet connector and a 9-pin female D-mini RS232 connector.

Cabling: Each installed SPF transceiver requires one duplex LC type fiber optic cable or two simplex LC type fiber optic cables. Simplex cables are most suitable for cascading hubs. Duplex cables can be used for all other interconnections. Rear panel connector: The rear panel includes a power inlet. The module includes a power on/off switch, 4A/250V fuse, power switch, and globally recognized IEC socket.

  Power requirements:

90 to 264VAC,

47 to 440Hz, 25W.

The power supply and power entry module comply with safety standards:

UL, C-UL: UL 1950

TUV: EN69050

CE: EN55022, EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5; EN61000-3-2

The main function of VMIACC-5595-208 350-805595-208J hosted hub is to connect multiple devices together to form an effective data transmission system. It can achieve data transmission between multiple computers in a local area network system without the need for specific network protocols. Through a hosted hub, users can easily connect their devices to the network and share and communicate data.ACC-5595-208 350-805595-208N(2)

VMIACC-5595-208 350-805595-208J hosted hubs typically have some advantages, such as simplicity, strong scalability, and good stability. It is easy to configure, plug and play, and does not require any professional network knowledge. At the same time, it can easily expand the network and add more devices to meet the needs of network expansion. In small local area networks, the stability and reliability of hosted hubs perform well because they do not require much maintenance.

However, the VMIACC-5595-208 350-805595-208J hosted hub also has some drawbacks. For example, it uses shared bandwidth to transmit data. When multiple ports send data simultaneously, congestion and conflicts are prone to occur, leading to a decrease in network performance. In addition, as it is a shared device, all devices connected to the hub are on the same network, so communication between them is not encrypted and sometimes faces security vulnerabilities.

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