MOTOROLA MVME2301-900 Single board computer


MOTOROLA MVME2301-900 Single board computer



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  MVME2301-900 Other names:

Intelligent embedded computer MVME2301-900

MVME2301-900 Processor module

Dual height VME module MVME2301-900

MVME2300 VME Processor Modules

High-performance expansion VME board with the ability to customize applications

The MVME2300 series of VME boards provides the performance of Motorola’s PowerPlus Architecture, and the ability to fully customize your application with two PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMCs).

Utilizing Motorola’s PowerPC 603 or PowerPC 604 32-bit microprocessors, the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus for the on-board peripherals, processor-memory bus to PCI bus bridge, and a VME interface, the MVME2300 processor modules pack optimum levels of flexibility and performance into a single VME slot.MVME2434

  MVME2300 Details

  IEEE P1386.1 Compliant PMC Slots

The MVME2300 features dual PMC ports with support for both front-panel and P2 I/O. P2 I/O-based PMCs which follow the PMC committee recommendation for PCI I/O when using the VME64 extension connector will be pin-out compatible with the MVME2300.

In addition to providing high-performance expansion I/O, the IEEE P1386.1 compliant PMC ports form a common architecture for future generations of products. Changing I/O requirements can be satisfied by simply replacing PMCs while reusing the same base platform, reducing the long-term cost of ownership.

  VME64 Extension Connector

To maximize the capabilities of the MVME2300, 5-row 160- pin DIN connectors replace the 3-row, 96-pin connectors historically used on VME for P1 and P2. Two rows, Z and D, have been added to the VME P1/J1 and P2/J2 connectors providing a user with additional I/O. The VME64 extension connector is 100% backward compatible with existing VME card systems.MVME2434(1)

  PowerPlus Architecture

The PowerPlus Architecture is a processor and bus architecture fully optimized to get the maximum performance from the PowerPC microprocessor family, the PCI bus, and the VMEbus. The outstanding performance of VME processor boards based on the PowerPlus Architecture is not due to a single factor. A number of elements in the design of the PowerPlus Architecture contribute to its outstanding performance including the processor-memory subsystem, high-speed local bus, optimally decoupled architecture, decoupling the processor from PCI, and the advanced VME interface which reduces PCI delays. Contact your sales representative for details.

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