MOTOROLA VME172PA-652SE Single board computer


MOTOROLA VME172PA-652SE Single board computer



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  VME172PA-652SE MVME172PA-652SEOther names:

Intelligent embedded computerVME172PA-652SE MVME172PA-652SE

VME172PA-652SE MVME172PA-652SE Processor module

Dual height VME moduleVME172PA-652SE MVME172PA-652SE

Dual IndustryPack logic interface for embedded monitoring and control applications

The MVME172P2 allows VME embedded controller users to achieve the price-performance value of RISC architectures while maintaining MC68000 object code compatibility. By combining the MC68060 superscalar performance with a wide range of optional features and the IndustryPack interface, OEMs can select the exact product for their application rather than paying for unwanted features.VME172PA-652SE

The inclusion of the new “Petra” application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), which replaces functions formerly implemented in the IP2 chip and MC2 chip, improves the performance of the memory subsystem. Memory configuration switches enable the customer to tailor memory size for applications requiring smaller memory configurations.

  Microprocessor Options

The MVME172P2 features the superscalar MC68060 microprocessor which achieves superb integer and floating point performance from its RISC hybrid architecture. The object code compatibility of the MC68060 with earlier generations allows a significant performance increase while preserving software investment. For cost-sensitive applications where floating point performance is not required, the optional MC68LC060 can be ordered.VME172PA-652SE(1)

  VMEbus Interface

VMEbus interface functionality is provided by the VMEchip2 ASIC designed by Motorola. In addition to controlling the system’s VMEbus functions, the VMEchip2 includes a local bus to/from VMEbus DMA controller, VME board support features, as well as global control and status register (GCSR) for interprocessor communications. The MVME172P2 also provides support for the VME D64 specification within the VMEbus interface, further enhancing system performance.

  Memory Options

The MVME172P2 provides users with a variety of data storage options such as SDRAM with ECC option, EPROM/ROM, Flash, and battery-backed SRAM.

  IndustryPack Interface

A key feature of the MVME172P2 is the IndustryPack logic interface. This interface provides a 32-bit data path for the IndustryPack modules to the local MC68060 bus. IndustryPack modules provide a wide variety of connections to “realworld” applications such as I/O, control, interface, analog and digital functions. Up to two single-wide IndustryPack modules can be installed on the MVME172P2 and still occupy only one VME slot. As I/O needs change, a new IndustryPack module can be installed thus preserving the customer’s overall investment.

  I/O Connections

I/O connections are physically located on the front panel of the board. They include four RJ-45 connectors for the serial ports, an AUI connector for Ethernet, and a 68-pin SCSI interface connector.

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