VMIVME-3230-GE-Analog Input/Output (AIO) Board-VMIVME-3230


VMIVME-3230-GE-Analog Input/Output (AIO) Board-VMIVME-3230



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        VMIVME-3230 Other names:

Control unit VMIVME-3230

VMIVME-3230  Editable Controller

Input/output module  VMIVME-3230

VMIVME-3230  Analog Controller

PLC control board VMIVME-3230

Eight isolated, differential input channels • On-board 16-bit microcomputer •
Linearization and cold junction compensation for thermocouple types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, W-Re • Accepts multiple thermocouple types simultaneously
• High CMV isolation: 1,000 V • Dual port registers for minimum host overhead
• High common-mode rejection: 120 dB at 60 Hz • Local or remote cold junction compensation
• Program-selected measurement units, resolution, and data format
• Nonvolatile storage of calibration parameters, eliminates channel adjustment potentiometers
• A/D converter, 12 bits plus sign
• Inputs filtered and normal mode protected to 130 VRMS
• Optional high-level inputs available with provision for current loop termination
• Built-in-Test (BIT) • GE Fanuc 90-70 series approval

Product Description

VMIVME-3230  This device is a product from a lineup developed by the production and manufacturing branch of Abaco Systems. Initially, these devices were produced by General Electric, however, this module was pulled from GE’s production, and then purchased by Abaco Systems.  This module is the VMIC/GE Fanuc VMIVME-3230 is an 8 channel, low level input board, designed for use with thermocouple inputs.

VMIVME-7698 VMIVME-7698-140 350-017698-140 A
 The board performs reference junction compensation for cold temperatures, and is able to provide linearization for a variety of thermocouple integrated products. All of the VMIVME-3230 inputs are both filtered and isolated. This ensures that this model’s inputs are protected against and possible normal overvoltage. There is also an optional configuration for this model, that is able to offer high-level inputs.APPLICATIONS • Temperature measurement • Industrial control systems • Machinery instrumentation • Current loop receiver INTRODUCTION — The VMIVME-3230 is an 8-channel low-level input board,

VMIVME-7698 VMIVME-7698-140 350-017698-140 A(1)
specifically designed for use with thermocouple inputs. The board performs reference (cold) junction temperature compensation and provides linearization for a variety of thermocouple types. All inputs are filtered and isolated, and are protected against normal-mode overvoltage. An optional configuration offers high-level inputs. The major VMIVME-3230 functional blocks are illustrated in Figure 1. Thermocouple connections are made at a screw terminal block which connects directly to the front panel P3 connector. Provisions are also included for remotely locating the thermocouple connections and cold junction sensor. FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS Compliance: This product complies with the VMEbus specification Rev. C. 1 with the following mnemonics: A16: D16: D08 (EO) Slave: 29, 2D Form Factor: 6U Board Address Selection: The base address of the board is selected by 11 on-board jumpers. This board may be operated in any slot except slot one.

VMIVME-7698 VMIVME-7698-140 350-017698-140 A(2)
The thermocouple connections are made at a screw terminal block which connects directly to the front panel P3 connector.

The VMIVME-3230 unit is outfitted with a VMEbus Address Modifier, which is able to decode either of the I/O access. There is a single jumper module that is provided to support short supervisory access.

This unit is able designed with the application functions to monitor in the temperature measurement, as well as managing industrial control systems. There’s a set of machine instrumentation functions,and there is also an integrated Current loop receiver module.

The VMIVME-3230 module, as well as the rest of the VMIC and GE Fanuc series, is available from AX Control Inc, and are protected by our comprehensive warranty.RELATED PRODUCTS AND APPLICATIONS — VMIC offers a broad range of Analog Input/Output (AIO) products for VME systems, and supports these products with comprehensive applications information. Contact VMIC for a description of current products and a list of application guides. GE-Fanuc 90-70 SERIES APPROVAL — VMIC has received approval for the VMIVME-3230 to be used with the GE-Fanuc 90-70 family of products. An Installation and Integration Guide for the VMIVME-3230 is available from VMIC. This guide details the Integration of the VMIVME-3230 into the GE-Fanuc 90-70 family. SPECIFYING FACTORY OPTIONS — To accommodate the variety of thermocouple requirements encountered in VME applications, the VMIVME-3230 Board can be supplied with the following options: Eight isolated high-level inputs (substituted for thermocouple inputs), with provision for current loop termination resistors. Current loop termination resistors (100 Ω, 0.02 percent)

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