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May 9, 2023
Barbecue Dinner(2)

We always

Desiring to be in the wilderness of nature,

Feel the imprints of spring breeze and dew;

Yearning for the sunrise and dusk,

Draw the future and move forward in your dreams.

In spring and autumn, there is a generation order, and life is constantly updated

Winter has passed, warm welcome to spring

Take a bus bound for Spring

Walking out, fishing, picking, playing games, singing

Let’s go to the “Awakening Spring Party” on the farm together!

To experience the spring atmosphere and enrich the life of the powerful family, the company held a “Spring Fun Wild Awakening Spring Party” themed carnival at Zhongquanyuan Villa in Jimei District on May 6th. On the day of the event, all partners made an appointment to go to the villa and chase the sunset in the preface of the spring day.

Farm Treasure Exploration

Exercise? interest? Competitive? Enlightening? Team? Luck? strength?

There are all the elements that can be thought of in this game!

Easy to sell industrial control network

Xiamen Xiongba

Spring Day Fun and Awakening Party

Exploring Treasures in Yizhuang

Game Step 1: Who is the real NPC?

Each group will follow the prompts to find NPC and take a photo with NPC (displaying the marked area), and then

Take a group photo and send it to the Xiongba Explosive Single Group to obtain clue 1- Treasure Box Password Key (by NPC)

Game Step 2: Challenge Arena Competition

The group that has obtained clue 1 rushes to the designated game arena to select challenge items (first come, first choice),

The earliest group to arrive at the challenge arena has the right to exchange teams to challenge projects midway and complete the selection

Take photos of the results of the battle project to the explosive order group to obtain clue 2- Treasure Box Location Identification Map

The identification map obtained by the first to arrive is the most clear.

Game Step 3: Treasure Hunting Battle

Each group finds the treasure chest based on the location identification map, and uses the password obtained from clue 1 to try unlocking it,

If it cannot be opened, it proves that you are looking for another group’s treasure chest, and you can hide another group’s treasure chest on your own to delay

You can also form an alliance to exchange the treasure chest test password for different team times.

Game Step 4: Behind the scenes big boss

The first group to open the treasure chest will search for it according to the inner thread of the treasure chest

Winning the Ultimate Grand Prize_ (Group photo after receiving)

Faqun). The first group to unlock first

Can point out the last place group

Punishment (extracting punishment items).


  1. During this event, multiple photos and groups were taken. Please read the rules carefully. 2. Each group leader draws tasks to V

After the task, take the team members to complete the task during free activity time. If the group fails to complete the task, what will be the punishment content

What is it, to complete the punishment under collective authentication during the evening barbecue banquet (refer to the game plan instructions for details)

Where is the treasure chest?

Only by first finding the password and unlocking it

Lu Bansuo, Klotski, Rubik’s Cube, Jiulian

Find the clue where the treasure chest is located

To pass the test

Find clues, team members quickly rush to the indicated location to search for the treasure chest

(Successfully opened the treasure chest – first place)

Although the sky is not beautiful, everyone’s morale is still high, becoming the first unique rain event in the company’s history.

Friends release happiness in the game,

In the fresh air and excited mood,

The family has brought each other closer,

Play and laugh together!
Award presentation site

Best Development Team in Q1 2023: Beyond Team

Reason for selection:

Although it is hard to make a thousand purchases, you can only reach gold by blowing away the wild sand. You seek success through repeated failures, close deals through steadfast diligence, and draw strength from the tears of struggle. You never give up and never give up.

The company has always attached great importance to filial piety culture, and the “Filial Piety Award” is a welfare activity plan proposed by General Manager Liu Xiangwen based on filial piety culture. Intended to inspire more partners to pay attention to family and family relationships, and to inherit and promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. In this evening party, many friends were honored to receive the “Filial Piety Award”. Xiong Ba felt grateful and conveyed his respect and gratitude to his parents in a timely manner.

Barbecue Dinner

Celebrate the Birthday Together

In addition to awarding various awards to the powerful elites, this carnival also invites birthday friends from April to May to celebrate their birthdays together. Everyone takes a big breath of oxygen outdoors without a ceiling, sings “Happy Birthday to You” together, and has a unique and spring filled birthday party.

Why don’t you follow the wind when it comes

Laughter, singing, and beautiful scenery are the main melody of today

Warm spring flowers bloom, rushing to the mountains and seas

Looking forward to our next wonderful reunion!

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