AVL and Huichuan Technology Work Together to Deepen Strategic Cooperation and Embark on a Journey of Technology and Innovation



Mar 9, 2024

AVL List GmbH is the world’s largest independent company dedicated to the development, simulation, and testing technology of powertrain systems (including hybrid, internal combustion engines, transmission systems, electric drive, batteries, and software) for passenger cars and trucks, as well as large engines.
Huichuan Technology&AVL Liszt
Huichuan Technology and AVL Liszt Company have started business cooperation, working together to continuously promote the progress of the automotive industry.
Huichuan Technology has achieved strategic cooperation with AVL Lister Company.
In September, Urs Gerspach, Global Executive Vice President and Dr Reinhold Hetzel and the project operations director, Mr. Cui, visited and inspected the Suzhou factory of Huichuan Technology.
In November, Zhu Xingming, Chairman of Huichuan Technology, led overseas executives to visit AVL headquarters in Graz, Austria, together with AVL Chairman Dr List and senior management for friendly communication.
On March 5th, Mr., Director of the High Speed Motor Testing System and Drive Business Unit at AVL’s Graz headquarters in Austria Svetolik Stefan Minic, COO of AVL China, Mr. Cui, and Director of Procurement, Mr. Yao, visited Huichuan Technology again to explore new boundaries and possibilities for innovation.
This visit by AVL again fully demonstrates the close cooperation and high trust between the two sides. During this exchange, both sides not only reviewed the achievements of past cooperation, but also conducted in-depth discussions on the direction of future cooperation.

In the morning, the AVL team, accompanied by the Huichuan technical team, first visited the Huichuan Industrial Control Museum. Through the visit, the AVL team gained a deeper understanding of the technological development history, innovation strength, and industrial layout of Huichuan Technology. Subsequently, the AVL team visited Huichuan’s SMT production line, module assembly line, and engineering transmission cabinet machine assembly workshop. The visiting team highly appreciated Huichuan’s advanced production line and strict quality control process.

In the afternoon, the teams from both sides engaged in in-depth technical exchanges. Zhao Ou, an expert in the Huichuan Technology Testing Platform industry, gave a detailed introduction to the company’s latest technological achievements, innovative solutions, and numerous customer cases. The AVL team highly praised Huichuan Technology’s research and innovation capabilities, and expressed willingness to engage in in-depth cooperation with Huichuan Technology in more fields. Both sides also had a special discussion on the collaborative development of future high-speed and high-performance test benches, jointly exploring new heights in automotive testing technology.

Zhu Ben, Overseas Business VP of Huichuan Technology General Business Unit, said, “We warmly welcome the visit of the AVL team. This exchange not only deepens our understanding and trust, but also lays a solid foundation for future cooperation. We will continue to uphold the values of open collaboration and continuous pursuit of excellence, and work together with AVL to create safer, more efficient, and more accurate automotive testing solutions.”
The simultaneous interaction between AVL and Huichuan Technology is not only a recognition of Huichuan’s technological strength and cooperation, but also a beautiful expectation for future cooperation. I believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, future cooperation will become closer and deeper, and together we will make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the automotive industry.

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