VMIVME-2128 | GE | I/O board | VMIVME-2128


VMIVME-2128 | GE | I/O board | VMIVME-2128



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  VMIVME-2128 Other names:

Single board computer VMIVME-2128

VMIVME-2128 Editable Controller

Analog module VMIVME-2128

VMIVME-2128 Digital Module

  Product Description

This device is part of the VMIC series equipment; A set of I/O boards, CPU modules, analog-to-digital converters, and other devices. These devices were initially designed and produced by General Electric’s Industrial Automation department, but were taken over and produced by Abaco Systems after being removed from the production line.

This unit is designated as VMIVME-2128 module, which is a high-voltage digital output board that can provide 128 channels of high-voltage and high current absorber outputs. This device is equipped with a series of open collector output drivers that can support a minimum output voltage of 5 to 48 volts DC. Other standard VMIC features include protection functions, such as automatic surge current shutdown protection and thermal shutdown protection, to prevent overvoltage or overheating.

The VMIVME-2128 digital output board is equipped with unique features of the VMIC series products. The device is equipped with built-in self-test and diagnostic analysis functions. The built-in testing (BI T) logic function allows operators to verify the functionality of each channel by using software for control.

VME-2128A 128 bit high-voltage digital output board with built-in testing

Front panel with faulty LED

Provide heating resistor sockets, to be provided by the user

Optional pull-up resistor for electronic switch output

A24: A16: D32/D16/D08 (EO): Slave Station 39/3D: 29/2D: 6U Boundary Dimensions

VMEbus compatibility (ANSI/IEEE STD 1014-1987 IEC 821 and 297)

Thermal shutdown protection

High breakdown voltage (55V)

Output clamp diode for inductive flyback protection

Compatible with intelligent I/O controllers

Built in testing logic for fault isolation

High current driver (600 mA charging current)

Automatic surge current shutdown protection

128 bit high-voltage output

The VME-2128 version reached the end of the product lifecycle (end of life) on April 19, 2018. VME-2128A is a replacement for appearance, installation, and functionality.

I/O board is a critical component in a computer or control system, used for inputting and outputting data with external devices or systems. It usually includes a series of interface circuits and connectors for connecting different devices, such as sensors, actuators, displays, keyboards, etc.

In the field of industrial automation, I/O boards are widely used for monitoring and controlling production equipment. It can collect signals from sensors, monitor the operation status of equipment, and control according to preset logic. For example, the I/O board can monitor the temperature, humidity, and other parameters of the machine, and when they exceed the preset range, it will trigger an alarm or automatically shut down.

In smart home systems, I/O boards also play an important role. It can be used to control household devices such as lighting, air conditioning, televisions, etc., achieving intelligent management and remote control.

In addition, there are various types of I/O boards, including digital I/O boards, analog I/O boards, dedicated I/O boards, etc. The digital I/O board is mainly used to process digital signals, such as switch quantities, pulse quantities, etc; Analog I/O boards are used to process analog signals, such as voltage, current, etc; Specialized I/O boards are customized for specific devices or systems.

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