VMIVME-4150 | GE | Analog output board | VMIVME-4150


VMIVME-4150 | GE | Analog output board | VMIVME-4150



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  VMIVME-4150 Other names:

Control unit module VMIVME-4150

VMIVME-4150 Input/Output Module

Editable controller VMIVME-4150

  Functional characteristics

Introduction: The VMIVME-4150 analog output board provides 32 high-quality 12 bit analog output channel resolutions and can generate or absorb 10mA at ± 10V. Each output has a dedicated D/a converter (DAC) assigned to it. The analog output can be disconnected from the field wiring for offline testing. During calibration and self check, the offset and gain table coefficients are compiled and stored in RAM by starting the VMEbus system reset or by executing software commands for calibration. There is an entry for configuring the offset and gain corresponding to each of the 32 channels in each of the six output voltage ranges.

Self check: Self check runs automatically after system reset. The self check register indicates success or failure and can indicate the faulty channel. Front panel status LED: LED is reset in the system. The LED goes off successfully to complete self check and automatic calibration. LEDs can also be turned on and off under software control.

Front panel reference voltage connection: A connector on an isolated BNC front panel allows access to the internal reference voltage. Front panel access provides corresponding reference voltage regulation.

Calibration: When automatic calibration is initiated, the embedded DSP loads the calibration output values into each output DAC through a system reset or software command, which are read back to the DSP through a 16 bit ADC. This is repeated until a sufficient number of calibration points have been measured. The gain correction for each of the 32 outputs with offset and six voltage ranges is compiled and stored in RAM. The correction factor is called to change each output.

System reset: After the system reset, all outputs are in offline mode, all control registers are in their default state, self check is initiated, and automatic calibration is initiated.

The VMIVME-4150 Analog Output Board is used to output continuous analog signals to external devices or systems. These continuous analog signals typically represent changes in voltage, current, or other physical quantities, and can represent continuous changes in physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, and velocity.

  The VMIVME-4150 analog output board has the following characteristics:

Analog channel: Usually provides one or more analog channels for outputting analog signals.

Resolution: The resolution of the analog output board determines the accuracy of the signal. A high-resolution board can provide more precise output.

Output range: represents the range of signals that the analog output board can output. For example, a certain board may be able to output a voltage signal of 0-10 volts.

Communication interface: Analog output boards are usually connected to control systems through standard communication interfaces (such as analog current circuits, digital communication interfaces, etc.) for integration with other devices.

Protection level: Some analog output boards have protection levels to adapt to different environments.

VMEbus Compliance: The board complies with the VMEbus specification (ANSI/IEEE STD 1014-1987, IEC 821 and 297)

  Has the following mnemonic:

Addressing mode




  Data access:

Response address modifier

$09 (Extended Unprivileged Data

Access) or $0D (Extended Supervision

Data Access)

$39 (Standard Unprivileged Data

Access) or $3D (Standard Supervision

Data Access)

$29 (short-term non privileged I/O access) or

2D (Short term monitoring of I/O access)

D16, D08 (EO)

Board address: The basic address of VMEbus is configured by setting the jumper field. Each has a jumper address A31 to A7; The address space occupied by this board is 128 consecutive bytes

VMEbus compliance: Address modifier bits are selected and decoded by jumpers to support non privileged, supervised, programmable, scalable, executable, operable, accessible, storable, and non privileged or supervisory committee access. Output data transmission: The output data is stored in a 32-bit 16 bit register. The board can be configured to accept complement or offset binary data from software two. Output changes can be initiated by register access, but the output is double buffered, allowing all channels to be triggered by software or external synchronous updates

Taking ABB OCAHG 492838402 analog output voltage board as an example, it is an analog output module used in industrial automation systems, mainly used to output analog voltage signals to control and monitor various equipment. This module has high-precision and high stability analog output capabilities, which can output accurate analog voltage signals to meet the needs of various control and monitoring applications. At the same time, the module also has flexible configuration and programmable control capabilities, which can be customized and programmed according to actual needs.

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