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Mar 23, 2024

The Emerson Global User Conference has just concluded in Dusseldorf, Germany. The conference is aimed at customers in the chemical, life sciences, metals and mining, electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, carbon capture, and energy industries, bringing together industry experts, clients from all walks of life, and automation leaders. More than 2000 guests gathered to share professional technology, practical applications, and cutting-edge innovation. The conference includes over 200 speeches, technical demonstrations, and professional training, providing a comprehensive platform for guests to exchange and share ideas.
This year coincides with Emerson’s 45 year development in China. In the constantly developing vast market of China, Emerson has adopted a regional development strategy of “serving China in China”. Through continuous insight, innovation, practice, and integration, it has successfully explored the path of business development in China and become a trusted partner for local customers. We took this opportunity to invite representatives from clients such as Wanhua Chemical, Jingbo Holdings, and Binhua Group to exchange and share industry development trends and successful project cases around the world with colleagues in the industry, and gained a lot.
Opening a new era of productivity
Wanhua Chemical highly recognizes the achievements made in its cooperation with Emerson over the past 20 years. Emerson provides Wanhua with a variety of software solutions and technologies to help optimize project operations, enhance the reliability of key process automation, and help it become a benchmark enterprise in the chemical industry and enter the international market. For the past twenty years, Wanhua has continuously attempted to deepen cooperation with Emerson in the field of technological innovation. During the conference exchange, Wanhua put forward prospects for long-term and in-depth cooperation in the future.

Emerson’s strategic cooperation with Jingbo began in 2016. Emerson provides a wide range of technical and expert service support to Jingbo through global resources, innovative technologies and products, as well as years of accumulated engineering experience; And establish an exclusive project management expert team for Jingbo to cooperate with Jingbo to achieve the goal of “ensuring production and projects”. Based on its own development strategy of “integration and integration”, Jingbo looks forward to enhancing high-level visits and technical exchanges with Emerson in the future, while also enhancing awareness and consensus with industry leaders including Emerson, to achieve a journey of “the best case in the process industry”.

As an influential enterprise in the chemical industry, Binhua Group has always been an important partner of Emerson. Over the years, the successful application of Emerson products and solutions in the Binhua Group project has created a long-term and far-reaching foundation of mutual trust between both parties. Binhua Group is comprehensively building a large-scale “ecological platform” enterprise and actively expanding into various emerging industries. Therefore, it is hoped that Emerson’s globalization strategy and international operation experience can help it achieve project certainty and continue to contribute to Binhua’s business development.

Over the course of over 130 years of development, Emerson has continuously envisioned the future of industrial automation and digital transformation. We are transforming into a global leader in industrial automation, empowering more efficient, secure, and sustainable operations. Based on the vision of “unbounded automation”, Emerson continuously develops innovative technologies and solutions. Emerson President and CEO Lal Karsanbhai said, “With an advanced technology stack in the industry and decades of mature professional knowledge, Emerson has significant advantages in developing and deploying automation, fully leveraging customers’ technology investments to achieve measurable performance improvements.”
Emerson helps users in various industries achieve key sustainability and operational goals through global layout, domain expertise, and industrial software. I hope that in the future, more users will approach Emerson, giving us more opportunities to share more than a hundred years of innovative achievements and cutting-edge product combinations with Chinese partners, expand more diverse cooperation models, solve key challenges for customers, and make positive contributions to industry transformation and sustainable development.
Let’s further seize the opportunities in the Chinese market,
Cohesive innovation, collaborative win-win!
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