VMIVME-2540 GE 64 channel isolated digital input board


VMIVME-2540 GE 64 channel isolated digital input board



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VMIVME-2540 Other names:

Input/output module VMIVME-2540

VMIVME-2540 Single Board Controller

Controller Module VMIVME-2540

VMIVME-2540 is a 64 channel isolated digital input board with a multifunctional intelligent controller. The equipment was initially designed and produced by General Electric and its subsidiary, General Electric Fanuc Automation, but later produced by Abaco Systems.

The VMIVME-2540 model itself is equipped with many standard features of such devices. This model integrates a series of 64 optically isolated inputs, each channel having multiple functions. There are state changes (COS) and sequence of events (SOE). Other functional settings include pulse accumulation, time tagging, and programmable de jitter time. The nominal operating input required forVMIVME-2540 is 5 to 250 volts DC or 4 to 240 volts AC. From one channel to another, it requires 1500 volts DC or 1100 volts RMS. This can also be seen from the isolation from the channel to VME.

The Change of State (COS) function can handle timing and detection. VMIVME-2540 unit locks multiple input signals every millisecond. Each input channel of this machine is completely independent and processed separately. The state change timer can be marked with a timer value of 0 to 65 seconds, and can be initialized or preset using a time marker register.

VMIVME-2540 channel isolated digital input board with multifunctional intelligent controller. When used in conjunction with the matching suppression panel, it complies with ANSI/IEEE STD C37.90.1-1989 surge protection.

Interrupt level selected by the user

When used with matching suppression panels (such as VME-3459), it complies with ANSI/IEEE STD C37.90.1-1989 surge protection

64 optical isolation inputs

Multi functionality available for each channel: COS; State owned enterprises; Pulse accumulation; Programmable debouncing time; Time stamp

Short term or standard, supervised, non privileged or any access

COS selection (disabled), rising edge (low to high conversion), falling edge (high to low conversion), or any edge

COS functional software controls by channel

1.0 ms measurement resolution

Channel by channel control de jitter time software

Pulse accumulation (0 to 65535 pulses)

Channel by channel monitoring of state-owned enterprises

5 to 60 VDC or 110 to 240 VAC

1500 VDC or 1100 VRMS inter channel and inter channel VME bus isolation

A 64 channel isolated digital input board is a circuit board with 64 independent digital input channels, each of which uses isolation technology to avoid signal interference and crossover. This type of board is commonly used in application scenarios that require simultaneous monitoring of multiple digital signals, such as industrial automation, testing and measurement, environmental monitoring, and other fields.

Taking PXI-4511 as an example, it is a 64 channel isolated digital input module with 64 digital input channels. The pin configuration consists of 8 channels in a group, totaling 8 groups. This module adopts an AC type optocoupler and a current limiting resistor suitable for ± 48V input range on board. Users can customize different current limiting resistors to achieve different voltage input ranges. In addition, the module can also detect changes in signal high and low levels, and can be used to eliminate signal jitter to ensure reliable and stable detection of input states.

The use of this isolated digital input board can effectively avoid interference and misreading between digital signals, improve system stability and reliability. Meanwhile, due to its 64 independent input channels, it can greatly simplify system design and wiring, improve system flexibility and scalability.

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